A First Day of School Story… (Warning: Poop is Involved!)

It’s not what you think. 

So, the morning started out a little different – Sis got up at the same time I did, which threw everything else off because I usually have about 10 minutes to do my morning thing and start my daily Bible time before the kids get up. Well, since Sis was up, I got her started on breakfast and turned on the TV for her. Bad idea, I know. 

Next, Bubba got up and needed help getting dressed. We figured out the clothes and then I got him started on breakfast, while he watched TV with Sis. 

Sometime in there I got ready for work and made my lunch, while Hubby got ready and left for work. 

I get Sis dressed at 7:30 (the same time as my targeted time of leaving!)

I grab the camera and take a few photos of the school boy and it’s 7:45 already! Okay, I think to myself, now I’ll have to drop Bubba off first then Sis, but he will still be on time. 

Then, right as we are about to grab our stuff and head out the door…

Wait for it….

Sis announces “I go poop!” 

What!?! Now?? It’s now 7:50 am. Bubba is supposed to be at school at 7:55. Oh dear. 

Bubba and I waited very impatiently for Sis to take care of business and we finally got in the car, heading down the road at 8:00.  All the while I was in the bathroom with Sis, my phone was silently ringing in my purse, and I had no idea until…

(Insert phone ringing). Hubby @ Work is calling. 

Me: “Hello?”

Hubby: “Can you bring me my phone?”

Me: “Are you kidding me!?!”

Yeah, perfect timing. 

I didn’t turn around. After all, Bubba was already late to school!

We get close to the school – thank goodness it’s only 7 minutes from the house – and according to Bubba, it was his lucky paper airplane that got us a lucky front row parking space (I said “Thank You, Lord!”). I jump out of the car, grab Sis and Bubba’s hand, and we cross the street, saying Hello and Good morning to the crosswalk guard and the local policeman and head into the school. I think half the town was in there dropping off kids! Parents and families were everywhere!

We made a beeline (well, as fast as the herd of parents would allow) for his classroom and I notice almost all of the kids are already there. I quickly grabbed Bubba’s backpack and let him hand his teacher the small gift we’d put together last night. Of course, she gushed over it and gave him a hug. Then I handed her his lunch money and hurriedly said “Good-bye!” to my boy. The teacher grabbed a paper off his table spot and handed it to me. “This is something for you, Mom, to read when you get back to your car.” she said. Oh no, I thought, this will be the thing that makes me cry…

Stay tuned for part two tomorrow… 

Adorable sign courtesy of Fab ‘n Free!


Last week the kids began at their new daycare center. This is the first time either of my children have been enrolled in a traditional daycare, and though I am not a fan of these businesses, this is the only daycare in our community and so far the transition has been great! 

Bubba LOVES it. He can’t wait to go back. He said they get to run around and play with whatever they want.  

Sister also likes the new place, although she did have a small cry on days 2 & 3, but I got tons of compliments on her speech and behavior and tomorrow she starts in a larger class of all two-year-olds! 

Tomorrow, Bubba starts KINDERGARTEN. I’m saying I won’t cry, and I don’t feel like I will, but I also know myself pretty well. I won’t be surprised if I start crying on my way to work! He is excited, and I am excited for him. I know he will love school as much as I did. Kindergarten is no day in the park anymore – they teach the kids to read and how to do math! And no naps! But still, he’s going to do great and he will love all he is learning!

Photo to come!

Hope you all have a blessed school year!

-Autumn Joy

Footprints on my heart

She took in our son when we had nowhere to take him. 

We were broke and left without a babysitter. She must have heard the desperation in my voice, because she said she would call me back. She did and said she could take him. 

A year later, we announced baby #2 would be coming and she welcomed her with open arms. 

She has worked with our sometimes crazy schedule, keeping the kids late, or accepting late drop-offs, early pick-ups, and more. She is so good with all of the children in her care; teaching manners, how to follow directions and rules, even potty-training! 

We have been so blessed to have our son and daughter in her talented, capable, patient, tender-loving care for the past three years!  She gave great advice – as a parent that raised four children of her own, she knows a thing or two!

Today we gave hugs and said our good-byes. Our son starts Kindergarten in a week, so we are having to change daycare to one that offers after-school care. We will miss her greatly, but I am storing the memories in my heart!


Do you have anyone you’ve had to leave behind?


Autumn Joy

Free Print: Joshua 1:9 floral

We’ve all heard the famous Joshua of the Bible exclaiming to the Israelites “Be strong and courageous!” but how often do we think about this verse when we really need it?  The daily devotional from Proverbs 31 mentioned this verse today.  I also just got this beautiful floral bouquet artwork made by the talented Caitlin Sheffer of Bella Love Letters on Creative Market!  I just had to put the two together for this 8.5×11 print.

Joshua 1:9

Click to save full size image!

This verse resonates with me, and really, the devo this morning really hit home with me, because my Wyatt is starting Kindergarten in just two short weeks!  I must be strong and courageous and trust GOD to take care of him, to lead him and guide him, and to give him wisdom and peace.  So much for a 5-year-old!  So much for his mama to want for him!  God wants the same for you, too.  Just ask for God to give you his peace and wisdom, to take care of you, to lead you and guide you, and he will do it! Click for related verses, see Jeremiah 29:13 also!

Be blessed, y’all.


Welcome Autumnarthur.com Visitors!

This is my new home on the web – Arthur’s Acre! Take a look around, let me know what you think!

Arthur’s Acre is the place where I live, now both physically and virtually. This blog will be an eclectic mix of spiritual thoughts, kids’ activities, graphic design prints, and snippets of our farm life. 

   The view from my front porch!

  My kiddos, Wyatt (age 5) and Alyssa (age 2). 

 Sun setting on the cornfield behind the house. 

To Die to Ourselves

How often do we hear this? We are to die to ourselves and follow Christ. I don’t think very many people get what that actually means. Maybe I don’t either, but here’s what I’m thinking:

This morning in Bible class, my teacher said that too often we are like the beggar sitting at the gate, asking for a handout (Acts 3). When Peter and John see the beggar, they tell him “Look at us!” Because he wasn’t even looking; he was only holding his hand out for a coin. In the same way, we fall into the trap of treating God the same way. We just go through life, not even looking up at God, but our prayers are “give me, give me, bless me…”

This made me think of the scripture/phrase “die to yourself.” If we truly die to ourself, our prayers would be all for others and not for our personal wants & needs. We also would not be living & working selfishly for our own gain, but we would be doing the same for the advancement of the Kingdom.  If we truly die to ourselves, we trust God will take care of us and we pray God will bless others, meet their needs, and we ask for God’s power to help us help those in need. 

I have realized that I have been living very selfishly, and I’m going to change that starting now. I’ll share more about it later! 

Take care and God bless you!


June Update

Sorry it’s been a while! I’m working on an idea for this blog to be hosted from my business site. The problem is, I don’t have the time to work on it right now.

In the meantime, I’ve been busy with work, home, and kids… And vacation! We spent a long weekend with my parents and about 50 of our friends in the hill country. We had a blast! It was equal time activity and rest.


I was a busy baker this weekend! Blueberry muffins and bread, blueberry peach crisp (which was gone before I got a photo!), and venison meatloaf for lunch yesterday.

Saturday morning a friend and I visited the Downtown Farmers Market in town where I got the peaches, also some green beans and other goodies. I enjoyed it! They have it every weekend in the summer so I hope to go back several times this year.  I have the desire to do more canning this summer for gifts and just for household use.

How do you make use of the summer harvest?

Soul Friend

Do you have a soul friend? You know, the kind of best friend that finishes your sentences, knows all your likes and dislikes, believes in you no matter what, and will drop everything to come when you need her. 

I do not have a soul friend. Not anymore anyway. I haven’t felt true best-soul-friendship in over 12 years – my senior year of high school. While I don wish to go back to high school, I do long for the same kind of friendships. 

I’ve decided to pray about the matter. This year I have tried to stay in touch with four friends, all but one do not live in this area. It’s hard. Between life, kids, church and work, days and weeks are flying by. These four friends rarely reach out to me first. 

My heart aches for a friend that wants to do things with me as much as I want to do things with her. I need someone to vent to, to encourage me, and to pray with me and vice versa. 



To be a blessing

This morning I thought I’d be working my normal 9-5 hours and I asked God to let me be a blessing to someone today. 

Shortly thereafter, I find that our regular babysitter is not home (turns out she’s still on vacation and forgot to tell me), so I end up dragging my kids to work with me. 

My friend’s husband got a hold of the sitter and found out she is okay, just not planning to be back in town until Sunday. This was a blessing because 1) I didn’t have her cell number to call her and 2) I had a 9 am meeting and couldn’t call her. 

My coworker Dana watched my kids while I was in that hour-long 9 am meeting. 

My other coworkers kept an eye on and played with my kids while I got some work done. 

My boss said he understood the sitter issue and that I could leave and take the kids home. 

When going to the car to leave, a passing car stops to let us cross the road. My 2-year-old falls halfway across the street. The older woman in the car must have seen my “not again!” expression because she rolled down her window and when she passed she said “Love those babies, honey. Give them lots of hugs.” 

I gotcha. Thank you Lord for the reminder.  So instead of me being a blessing to someone, plenty of people blessed me today!